Connor Harrington has been involved with film making and editing for the past 13 years.  His natural eye for detail allows him to craft a story using images, audio and video.  He is a full time photographer/videographer and has an amazing eye for editing and making an emotional connection to the audience.  His work has been featured on news sites, television commercials and he even had a featured article in the Holland Sentinel written about him due to the viral nature of his videos.  His hobby and passion is truly film making and he is a very gifted and talented individual.  Connor's hobbies is spending time with his wife, Kate, and creating fun viral video projects.  Connor will primarily be responsible for the filming and editing or the project.

Roger Littlepage is a commercially licensed Remote UAS Pilot (i.e. drone) as well as an airplane pilot.  He has been involved with video production since 1998 and yes, that means he used the “old school” method of two VHS decks with a control panel.  He has previously worked for Booking.com, and Marriott Intl, as a digital media and eCommerce manager for large hotels in cities such as Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas and Detroit.  Roger has an intimate knowledge of what attracts a consumer in the busy digital landscape and on social media networks.  Roger’s hobbies include spending time with his wife and twins (Liam and Zoe), overlanding, and anything automotive related.  He will primarily be responsible for any marketing consulting work as well as writing, directing, and crafting an overall story that matches your business needs.